Brooklyn Property Division Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Eli Yeger, we handle property division matters for clients throughout Brooklyn and the New York metropolitan area. The outcome of your property division issues will have a large impact on your post-divorce life. Put your case in trusted hands. Eli Yeger has more than 35 years of experience handling divorce asset division matters.

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Property Division In New York

In New York, property is divided under the concept of "equitable distribution," which means in a manner the court deems fair and equitable, not necessarily 50/50.

In most divorces, the most important financial matters involve the division of houses and retirement assets, and these assets are typically divided equally. We provide skilled representation in this area, helping our clients obtain their fair share of marital assets, while not taking on more than their fair share of debt.

We are equipped to handle complex divorces involving the distribution of professional licenses, stock options, business assets, second homes, jewelry and any other assets acquired during marriage.

We will fight for your financial future at the negotiation table, when possible, or at trial, when necessary. We know what is fair and we will not back down if the other party refuses to offer a reasonable settlement offer.

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