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Celebrity split has legal separation in the spotlight

Ah, movie star romance. The tabloids never seem to run out of fodder for breakup and makeup coverage, and the public thirst for celebrity gossip is never quenched. From New York to the West  Coast, people are talking about the rich and famous. One pair's recent breakup has brought a particular family law issue to people's minds -- legal separation. When news of Anna Faris and Chris Pratt's legal separation hit the scene, some folks were left wondering, what is that again? 

New York residents may want to consider legal separation

Even when relationships are facing considerable trials, some New York residents may want to fight for their marriages. While it is entirely plausible that individuals can work through their problems and continue with their marriages, they may not be able to do so while under the same roof. Therefore, they may wish to consider legal separation.

Seek help with legal separation agreements

When a marriage is not working out and a couple is at their wits end, it is normal to contemplate divorce. This is a significant step, though, and not one that -- for many reasons -- some couples want to take right away. If you are looking for an alternative to divorce, legal separation may be right for you. A New York family law attorney will be able assist you through this process and help you create your separation agreement.

When might a legal separation be better than divorce?

There are a lot of things to consider when trying to decide to end one's marriage. The divorce process is a tough one, and not something that should be rushed through. For some couples in New York, there may be reason to consider legal separation over filing for divorce.

How is a legal separation different than a divorce?

Although some people in New York may think of a divorce as legally separating from a spouse, the term legal separation differs from an actual divorce. Although the reasons for seeking a legal separation as an alternative to divorce can vary greatly, there are both benefits that some may find lucrative. For instance, a legal separation doesn't actually end a marriage at all.

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