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Planning for changes in child support needs

When the parents of children choose to split up, whether from a marriage or not, a court usually hands down a child support order. The order lays out the guidelines surrounding how much the parent paying child support must pay and how often, based on a number of factors in the lives of the parents and the children.

When a parent doesn’t play by the rules of child custody

After you and your children's other parent split up, finding the perfect balance of spinning plates to necessary to raise children together but separately is very difficult. Even with a court order that outlines how your parenting duties and privileges get divided, your ex may not follow the guidelines laid out in the custody agreement.

Divorce or legal separation?

Marriages are very complicated relationships, and often it is not simple to know how to proceed when the relationship beings to dissolve. While many couples choose to move toward divorce, ending the marriage is not always the answer for every couple.

How does alimony affect my tax return?

When your divorce finalizes, you may find yourself handed a spousal support order. This will no doubt have some affect on your monthly budget, if your alimony order stipulates monthly payments, or you may face a one-time lump-sum alimony payment.

Don’t lose your business in a New York divorce

When divorce comes knocking for New Yorkers, it has the potential to devastate small business owners whose businesses are not protected from their marriages. If you own a business and did not protect yourself and your business with a prenuptial agreement, you may have to make some very difficult choices in the coming weeks and months if you hope to keep the business intact through the dissolution of your marriage.

Act now to defend your business from divorce

Facing a divorce in New York is rarely a simple matter, but for entrepreneurs whose marital property includes a business, it is a potential disaster. If you own a business you hope to keep from the negotiation table in a divorce, you must act quickly and decide what is truly most important to you.

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