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Thoughtful asset division can help future financial security

During the end of a marriage, an individual will have to reconcile many details. Asset division is part of the package for many New York couples who are breaking up. A thoughtful approach to separating the accumulated assets can help an individual meet the future with greater financial security. 

Asset division includes adjusting retirement funds

When two people get married, they usually intend to combine their resources so that both parties can share in the magnified bounty of the investments. A divorce can change that outcome, as all marital assets are subject to asset division. For many people, this will include retirement investment funds. A recent news report shares information about the splitting process that New York residents may find interesting. 

Could predicting asset division results help with financial plan?

Predicting the outcomes of divorce can be difficult. Attempting to guess what a person's finances may look like after ending a marriage can also prove challenging. For this reason, New York residents may wish to pay particular attention during their asset division proceedings and consider how those results could help them plan for their new single lives.

Asset division judgment may delay high-asset divorce cases

When tensions are high, divorce proceedings can take years to complete. When the battle also involves a considerable amount of money and assets, a lengthy process is not uncommon. Asset division can often cause the most contention, and many New York residents often want to fight for what they feel they deserve as a outcome of their legal proceedings.

Asset division: New York residents may need a business valuation

Most New York residents have a growing attachment to different assets and property they have obtained. Because of these attachments, asset division during divorce can often prove contentious, and individuals may fear that they will lose something dear to them. When businesses are involved, owners may feel particularly concerned about what may happen with their companies.

Mediation may help create prenups for potential asset division

Because divorce can bring up many life issues, some individuals like to take the time to plan ahead for such an event. Particularly, New York residents may wish to determine what steps they could take in order to help any asset division proceedings go more smoothly should the marriage not work. Luckily, individuals could utilize mediation in order to come up with a prenuptial agreement.

Commingling could affect asset division in New York

Though spouses may be more than willing to share property when they first get married, the idea of splitting assets may seem like a terrible ordeal if the couple chooses to divorce. Asset division can affect everyone differently. However, because New York is an equitable division state, marital assets will be divided by the court as fairly as possible.

New York billionaire facing asset division issues during divorce

Many individuals may think that having more money could solve many, if not all, of their problems. However, if individuals with substantial wealth go through divorce proceedings, their money could potentially cause more problems. Numerous assets and considerable funds may cause strife when it comes to asset division and other related divorce proceeds, and as a result, parties could find themselves facing conflict. 

401(k) asset division in divorce comes with a price

When getting a divorce, whether in New York or elsewhere, there are some assets that can be easily distributed without any penalties. However, asset division of certain accounts, like a 401(k) for example, can come with a pretty hefty price tag. In order to split retirements accounts a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) is needed, but the processing fee can be significant.

Asset division can affect other aspects of divorce

Deciding what you want to get out of your divorce proceedings can be difficult. Going in, you may have an idea of what property you want to keep or you may not care as long as you get your fair share. Asset division is one of the hardest parts of the divorce process for couples in New York. Not only is it challenging to decide who gets to keep what, but how things are divided can impact other areas of the final settlement.

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