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New York couple facing divorce despite growth during hard times

The details of each couple's marriage are different. They may find themselves in certain situations that allow them to grow as a couple that may prove more detrimental to other individuals. Similarly, they may eventually find themselves filing for divorce for reasons that differ from other couples facing related circumstances. As a result, the manner in which they approach the end of their marriage and the associated legal proceedings can also vary.

It was recently reported that one New York woman who had written books about how the 2008 economic crisis had actually proved beneficial to her marriage is now facing divorce. It was noted that her husband was apparently the one to file the petition to end the relationship, but it was also reported that the divorce is uncontested. Details on why the couple decided to end the marriage were not available.

Due to the uncontested nature of the divorce, it is suspected that there will be little conflict over property and similar affairs. It was also mentioned in the report that the couple have a college-aged daughter. Though custody issues will likely not be prominent due to the daughter's age, the husband did state that he and his wife were in agreement when it came to raising their child.

Going through an amicable divorce may be something that many individuals hope for when it comes to ending their relationships. Because legal conflicts can be time consuming and expensive, approaching the situation as agreeably as possible may help many New York residents. Information on low-conflict methods of marriage dissolution may help interested individuals find the best approach for their cases.

Source: New York Daily News, "NYC author who wrote about 'rags to riches' heading for divorce", Stephen Rex Brown, Sept. 1, 2017

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