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September 2017 Archives

Alimony adjustments after divorce

Is an alimony agreement permanent or can it be changed? The is the question many New York residents may have pondered, especially if they have suffered a loss of income after the divorce has been settled. It is possible to be granted a modification of the alimony order, but certain circumstances must be met. 

Dodging child support obligations in witness protection?

Some individuals will go to extreme lengths to avoid responsibilities. That's exactly what one New York man allegedly did when he claimed to be part of the witness protection program in order to avoid his child support obligations. The court disagreed with his claim, and the man faces significant payments or jail time. 

Celebrity split has legal separation in the spotlight

Ah, movie star romance. The tabloids never seem to run out of fodder for breakup and makeup coverage, and the public thirst for celebrity gossip is never quenched. From New York to the West  Coast, people are talking about the rich and famous. One pair's recent breakup has brought a particular family law issue to people's minds -- legal separation. When news of Anna Faris and Chris Pratt's legal separation hit the scene, some folks were left wondering, what is that again? 

When a parent doesn’t play by the rules of child custody

After you and your children's other parent split up, finding the perfect balance of spinning plates to necessary to raise children together but separately is very difficult. Even with a court order that outlines how your parenting duties and privileges get divided, your ex may not follow the guidelines laid out in the custody agreement.

New York couple facing divorce despite growth during hard times

The details of each couple's marriage are different. They may find themselves in certain situations that allow them to grow as a couple that may prove more detrimental to other individuals. Similarly, they may eventually find themselves filing for divorce for reasons that differ from other couples facing related circumstances. As a result, the manner in which they approach the end of their marriage and the associated legal proceedings can also vary.

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