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Child custody arrangements may help kids learn about quality time

Many New York parents may fear the idea of their kids becoming children of divorce. They may think that ending their relationship and putting the children through child custody changes will have more harmful results than positive outcomes. However, this type of life change can provide the opportunity to allow parents to teach their kids valuable skills and lessons.

One positive example that parents could set for their kids during divorce is about self-respect. If the relationship between the parents had more negative aspects than positive ones, that issue likely led to the end of the marriage. When it comes to addressing the situation with their kids, parents can show that ending the relationship allowed them to maintain their sense of self-respect by recognizing that the marriage was not healthy.

Child custody arrangements can also help children learn about quality time. Because they will likely not see each parent as much as they once did, they may discover what quality time spent with their parents is like. They may be able to focus more on enjoyable activities and learn about each other in a way that was not possible due to family issues prior to the divorce.

Turning a seemingly negative situation into a positive one may seem difficult for parents. Luckily, there are many ways that divorce can be viewed and approaches that could help parents when it comes to allowing their children to feel comfortable with the situation. Because child custody arrangements can sometimes prove particularly jarring for kids, New York parents may wish to explore their options to determine what arrangements may work best for their circumstances.

Source:, "8 Ways Getting Divorced Teaches Kids About REAL Love", Lisa Petsinis, Aug. 25, 2017

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