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August 2017 Archives

Child custody arrangements may help kids learn about quality time

Many New York parents may fear the idea of their kids becoming children of divorce. They may think that ending their relationship and putting the children through child custody changes will have more harmful results than positive outcomes. However, this type of life change can provide the opportunity to allow parents to teach their kids valuable skills and lessons.

Could predicting asset division results help with financial plan?

Predicting the outcomes of divorce can be difficult. Attempting to guess what a person's finances may look like after ending a marriage can also prove challenging. For this reason, New York residents may wish to pay particular attention during their asset division proceedings and consider how those results could help them plan for their new single lives.

Positive views may help New York residents through divorce

Because the ending of a marriage can have major impacts on a person's life, many New York residents desire to have some form of support during this time. The emotional and logical aspects of divorce can both prove overwhelming, and looking at the situation positively may help. However, some outside individuals may attempt to make divorcing parties feel as if they have failed.

Divorce or legal separation?

Marriages are very complicated relationships, and often it is not simple to know how to proceed when the relationship beings to dissolve. While many couples choose to move toward divorce, ending the marriage is not always the answer for every couple.

Asset division judgment may delay high-asset divorce cases

When tensions are high, divorce proceedings can take years to complete. When the battle also involves a considerable amount of money and assets, a lengthy process is not uncommon. Asset division can often cause the most contention, and many New York residents often want to fight for what they feel they deserve as a outcome of their legal proceedings.

Child custody terms may affect New York grandparents

The impacts of divorce can be far reaching and long lasting. Even individuals outside the immediate family can keenly feel the effects, especially when it comes to child custody. Grandparents in particular may fear the shift that can come along with these proceedings, and many individuals certainly hope that the custody arrangements do not adversely affect familial relationships.

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