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June 2017 Archives

Communication may play important role in New York child custody

Though most parents have a great deal of concern for their children, they may find themselves putting their kids in compromising positions. The parents may not realize that they have done so, as seemingly harmless actions can have considerable impacts on kids. Children may be particularly susceptible to feeling caught in a tough spot when it comes to their parents' divorce and child custody.

Mediation may help create prenups for potential asset division

Because divorce can bring up many life issues, some individuals like to take the time to plan ahead for such an event. Particularly, New York residents may wish to determine what steps they could take in order to help any asset division proceedings go more smoothly should the marriage not work. Luckily, individuals could utilize mediation in order to come up with a prenuptial agreement.

How does alimony affect my tax return?

When your divorce finalizes, you may find yourself handed a spousal support order. This will no doubt have some affect on your monthly budget, if your alimony order stipulates monthly payments, or you may face a one-time lump-sum alimony payment.

Dealing with anger may prevent regrettable divorce decisions

The emotional experience of ending a marriage can take a considerable toll. Each New York resident going through divorce may face different feelings throughout the process, but one common emotion that many people feel in such a situation is anger. Because anger can cause individuals to act outside their normal approaches, it is important to try to keep that emotion in check as much as possible. 

Serious issues could point New York residents to divorce

A jarring situation can often spur individuals into action. Unfortunately, some of those events could cause considerable devastation and make a person question various aspects of his or her life. When a spouse commits an unspeakable act, it is not unusual for an individual to feel the need to go through divorce in order to leave the relationship as soon as possible.

New York residents may want to consider legal separation

Even when relationships are facing considerable trials, some New York residents may want to fight for their marriages. While it is entirely plausible that individuals can work through their problems and continue with their marriages, they may not be able to do so while under the same roof. Therefore, they may wish to consider legal separation.

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