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Collaboration may work for some New York divorce cases

When individuals are able to agree fairly easily, collaborating when it comes to resolving issues may be a valid approach. If New York residents are able to remain on good terms, they may even be able to use a collaborative approach when it comes to their divorce cases. Though many parties may be unfamiliar with collaborative law, it is an alternative dispute resolution method that could benefit many people.

When using a collaborative approach, parties work to avoid court proceedings and litigation by working together to come to settlement terms. In addition to themselves, the parties can also obtain legal counsel as well as work with other professionals who could bring valuable insight into the process. These other assisting parties may be financial coaches, therapists, child psychologists or other neutral parties that can prove useful.

The goal of this approach is to help divorcing parties stay out of stressful, costly and drawn-out court proceedings that can come along with litigation. Individuals who are collaborating can work to tailor their process to their specific needs and desires. If disputes come about, the assisting professionals can help keep the proceedings moving forward.

Though divorce can be difficult for anyone, using a collaborative approach may help individuals feel more in control. This sense of empowerment may allow concerned New York residents to have more confidence in the decisions they make and the potential outcomes of their proceedings. Parties who are interested in this type of marriage dissolution method may want to speak with experienced attorneys to find out more information and to determine whether their circumstances could suit this approach.

Source:, "Love & Marriage: Collaborative Split", Joanna Brown, May 6, 2017

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