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Silent marriage? Communication may be key during New York divorce

When New York residents consider the perfect couple, they may think of individuals who have nice homes, healthy kids and who never argue. Individuals may think that arguing couples are the ones with the most problems and higher probability of getting a divorce. Of course, those people who do not often argue with their spouses may feel a bit differently about their situations.

For some parties, silence or at least a lack of arguments could be the relationship killer. Because arguments often come about after one or both individuals have expressed a conflicting viewpoint, the couple may be able to identify and address the issue. Does that mean that couples who do not argue never have conflicting viewpoints? No. Some couples may not argue because they remain quiet even when something in their relationship makes them unhappy. 

Though some people may consider this silence an admirable attempt at keeping the relationship free of conflict, it could also point to a lack of communication. If married individuals cannot effectively communicate with each other, they may not know how to properly address marital issues. As a result, they may find themselves deciding to end their relationship. 

Growing apart is a common reason couples decide to divorce. Not effectively communicating can easily lead to individuals no longer feeling close to their spouses. However, no matter the reason for ending a marriage, New York residents likely want to address the process as quickly and smoothly as possible. Interested individuals may want to consult with experienced attorneys who could provide useful insight on the proceedings ahead and how communication may be vital.

Source:, "The #1 Relationship Killer (That Nobody Ever Talks About)", Lisa Brookes Kift, March 24, 2017

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