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Falling behind on child support can have negative impacts

After going through divorce, many parents often take on new responsibilities. Some individuals may have more single-parenting time while others need to make child support payments. Unfortunately, issues can often arise with these new obligations, and in some cases, parents could fall considerably behind on support payments, and everyone involved could suffer. 

It may interest New York residents to know that a child support sweep recently occurred in a neighboring state. Police took this action to address warrants for individuals who owed substantial amounts in back support. One parent reportedly owed over $69,000 and had the highest amount owed for any one individual. Overall, 31 people were taken into custody as officers served warrants over a period of three days. 

One officer stated that many parents end up making their payments after learning that they may soon be arrested. In fact, such sweeps apparently contribute to an increase in payments that span weeks after a roundup occurs. If individuals do not make their payments, they could potentially find themselves in court and facing the possibility of going to jail for failing to attend to their child support obligations.

In order to avoid negative consequences, the best route for parents is often to keep up with their support payments. Of course, extenuating circumstances may arise that make doing so difficult. If New York parents find themselves falling behind on payments and want to address the issue, they may want to learn more about child support modifications and how they could potentially go about seeking changes to their terms.

Source:, "31 arrested in child support payment sweep", Suzanne Russell, April 19, 2017

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