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Child custody terms may set precedent for future interactions

When parents divorce, they often want to find the best solution for addressing the situation with their kids. Because child custody issues can take a serious toll on parents' lives and the lives of the children, doing what is best for the kids can make a considerable difference. Additionally, the decisions made during divorce proceedings can last well into the future. 

New York residents may be interested in one family who have been trying to make the most out of their custody endeavor. Recent reports stated that though the parents of a 4-year-old boy have been divorced for a few years, they still get together in order to have a family picture taken. The mother of the boy stated that even though they are no longer married, she and her ex-husband continue to have an ultimate bond through their son.

Some individuals have expressed distaste for this tradition as they believe the parents are only confusing their child. However, most people have had a positive reaction to the family's choice, praising their co-parenting relationship. Indeed, the former couple seem to have an amicable relationship as they have even agreed to include any new spouses that may come into the picture later on.

By remaining civil toward one another, many parents may be able to continue certain traditions of their own. Of course, the terms of child custody agreements could come into play when it comes to how and when parents can interact with their children. Therefore, New York residents may want to ensure that their custody agreements reflect the arrangements they feel comfortable with now and in the future.

Source: CNN, "This divorced couple still takes a family portrait with their son", Doug Criss, April 6, 2017

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