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April 2017 Archives

Falling behind on child support can have negative impacts

After going through divorce, many parents often take on new responsibilities. Some individuals may have more single-parenting time while others need to make child support payments. Unfortunately, issues can often arise with these new obligations, and in some cases, parents could fall considerably behind on support payments, and everyone involved could suffer. 

Child custody terms may set precedent for future interactions

When parents divorce, they often want to find the best solution for addressing the situation with their kids. Because child custody issues can take a serious toll on parents' lives and the lives of the children, doing what is best for the kids can make a considerable difference. Additionally, the decisions made during divorce proceedings can last well into the future. 

New York billionaire facing asset division issues during divorce

Many individuals may think that having more money could solve many, if not all, of their problems. However, if individuals with substantial wealth go through divorce proceedings, their money could potentially cause more problems. Numerous assets and considerable funds may cause strife when it comes to asset division and other related divorce proceeds, and as a result, parties could find themselves facing conflict. 

Act now to defend your business from divorce

Facing a divorce in New York is rarely a simple matter, but for entrepreneurs whose marital property includes a business, it is a potential disaster. If you own a business you hope to keep from the negotiation table in a divorce, you must act quickly and decide what is truly most important to you.

Silent marriage? Communication may be key during New York divorce

When New York residents consider the perfect couple, they may think of individuals who have nice homes, healthy kids and who never argue. Individuals may think that arguing couples are the ones with the most problems and higher probability of getting a divorce. Of course, those people who do not often argue with their spouses may feel a bit differently about their situations.

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