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Kate Hudson and ex facing child custody issues

After going through divorce, many New York residents likely hoped the final settlement would put an end to any relationship issues. However, for parents, child custody agreements often result in former couples staying in contact and open the door for potential disagreements in the future. In some cases, one parent may even wish to change the agreement years down the line. 

Child custody modifications seem to be the subject of a recent conflict between actress Kate Hudson and her ex-husband, Chris Robinson, singer for The Black Crowes. Apparently, Robinson has petitioned to have the custody agreement regarding the former couple's son re-opened. The agreement was made when the couple divorced and their son was 2 years old. He is now 12.

As part of the potential re-opening of the agreement, a court-assigned evaluator will assess the child custody situation. Information regarding employment, health and other life aspects may be examined as part of the evaluation. Additionally, if it seems prudent to the situation, the former couple and their son could potentially undergo psychological examinations as well as drug and alcohol testing. 

It is not uncommon for one or both parents to find themselves dissatisfied with child custody agreements. In some cases like this one, that dissatisfaction may not come to fruition until years later. However, custody agreements are not necessarily forever binding; therefore, New York parents who wish to change their terms may wish to find out more information on custody modifications. Depending on the specific circumstances, individuals may be able to pursue changes to suit their desired outcomes.

Source: Fox News, "Kate Hudson and ex-husband Chris Robinson back in court over child custody", March 1, 2017

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