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Child custody approach could impact how children handle divorce

Deciding to divorce is a choice that impacts many individuals. Such proceedings can go beyond simply the two married parties, and as a result, New York residents who are considering divorce may wish to determine the best methods for approaching the dissolution of their marriages, especially if children are involved. Because child custody can have a substantial impact, parents may wish to approach the topic with care.

First, if both parents are able to remain amicable, they may wish to work together to have a conversation with their kids. Divorce can be confusing and upsetting to children. By discussing the situation itself and answering any questions the kids may have, parents may be better able to prepare them for the changes ahead. 

Once custody arrangements have been made, parents may want to make visitation and custody drop-offs as stress-free as possible. Certainly, parents miss their kids when they are with the other parent, but children may feel as if they should not enjoy spending time with each parent if one makes their leaving difficult. Additionally, custody arrangements are legally binding, and it may be prudent to simply make the best of the situation.

Children often face various emotions in the wake of their parents' divorce. Because this type of life-changing event can be difficult for kids to understand and adapt to, taking their best interests into consideration could make a considerable difference in how they deal with the proceedings. Concerned New York parents may wish to consult with experienced attorneys to determine what child custody arrangements may best suit their circumstances.

Source: The Huffington Post, "7 Ways To Help Your Kids Get Through Divorce", Dr. Kurt Smith, March 22, 2017

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