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Former Spice Girl facing divorce proceedings

No matter how long a couple has been married, issues could arise that leave them contemplating dissolving that marriage. Divorce can cause many individuals to assess multiple areas of their lives, and as a result, it is no surprise that this process can be an emotionally difficult time. Any individual could be affected by this type of situation, even celebrities.

Child custody approach could impact how children handle divorce

Deciding to divorce is a choice that impacts many individuals. Such proceedings can go beyond simply the two married parties, and as a result, New York residents who are considering divorce may wish to determine the best methods for approaching the dissolution of their marriages, especially if children are involved. Because child custody can have a substantial impact, parents may wish to approach the topic with care.

5 custody factors fathers should know about in New York

When you're going through a divorce, one of your main concerns may be losing custody of your child. Fortunately, most situations don't result in a parent losing access to a child. Instead, joint custody is preferred. Unless there is a situation involving domestic violence or other problems, it's likely that you or your spouse will have joint or shared custody. One of you may have primary custody with the other obtaining visitation rights. In both cases, sharing time with your child equitably is key to maintaining a good parent-child relationship.

Gray divorce may give older New York residents new beginnings

The desire to start fresh in life can hit at any age. As a result, many older New York residents may find themselves considering ending their marriages in order to pursue happier lifestyles. Gray divorce has become more common in individuals age 50 and older, and the number of divorces in older couples has doubled in the last 25 years. 

Kate Hudson and ex facing child custody issues

After going through divorce, many New York residents likely hoped the final settlement would put an end to any relationship issues. However, for parents, child custody agreements often result in former couples staying in contact and open the door for potential disagreements in the future. In some cases, one parent may even wish to change the agreement years down the line. 

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