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Seek help with legal separation agreements

When a marriage is not working out and a couple is at their wits end, it is normal to contemplate divorce. This is a significant step, though, and not one that -- for many reasons -- some couples want to take right away. If you are looking for an alternative to divorce, legal separation may be right for you. A New York family law attorney will be able assist you through this process and help you create your separation agreement.

Legal separation and divorce actually have a lot of similarities in that spouses live apart, custody agreements -- if needed -- can be made and child support and alimony payments will be addressed. A legal separation is, basically, a trial divorce. While separation agreements are not necessarily required, having one will give each spouse a better feel for what his or her divorce settlement will look like -- if divorce is eventually pursued -- and it will hold each party legally responsible for honoring his or her end of the arrangement.

Separation agreements are written to suit your specific needs. This customization is a great thing, as every family situation is different, so a standard form simply is not good enough. To learn more about separation agreements, please visit our firm's website.

The legal separation process can be a draining experience. Couples will not always agree on everything and negotiations will likely be necessary in order to achieve a separation agreement that works for them. Thankfully, this is not something you will have to figure out on your own. A family law attorney can assist you in creating a separation agreement that fits your needs and complies with the laws of New York.

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