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Failure to make child support payments lands dad in jail

When one is ordered to financially support his or her children, the state takes that order very seriously. Those who are found to be behind on child support payments may face a number of legal issues. This happens to be the case for one man in New York who was recently arrested for failing to provide the court-ordered support.

According to reports, law enforcement officials in Chenango County arrested a 54-year-old man who is said to owe approximately $60,000 in support payments. He is being held at the Ulster County Jail in lieu of bail or bond. This individual is facing a second-degree non-support charge.

Sadly, there are many children in the state of New York who are not receiving the financial support they need from their non-custodial parents. Support enforcement options have been put in place to help custodial parents collect so that they have the funds necessary to provide for their children. The arrest in this case is one of those enforcement options. It may seem extreme, but can be wildly effective.

Custodial parents in New York who are not receiving child support payments can utilize a number of enforcement options in their attempts to collect. Before this happens, non-custodial parents who are struggling to meet their support obligations may be able to petition the court for order modifications. In doing so, one may be able to achieve a more affordable payment schedule and avoid some of the serious consequences that can accompany falling behind on this financial responsibility.

Source:, "Chenango County man held, accused of owing $60K in child support", Richard J. Bayne, Feb. 4, 2017

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