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3 things mothers should know about custody mediation

Child custody proceedings are hard for mothers to deal with. These proceedings end with you having to abide by an order regarding how you raise your children. You and your ex-husband can work together through mediation to determine the terms that govern your child custody and visitation agreement. Understanding points about mediation and child custody can help you in this process.

1. Benefits of mediation

The biggest benefit to child custody mediation is that it puts you and your ex in charge of the terms instead of asking the court to decide what to do. The court doesn't know your children like you know them. This makes it difficult for the court to truly know what your children need. When you and your ex work together, you can consider the little points about your kids that matter. Child custody mediation is usually a faster resolution to the issue. Instead of having to wait for a trial date, you can completely bypass that step if you can come to an agreement. The court still must approve the agreement so take that into consideration.

2. Points to consider

You must consider all the points that matter regarding your children. This includes a visitation schedule, holiday schedule and any other schedules that are necessary. You also need to decide who makes decisions about the education, health care, spiritual life and similar categories for them. One person can make these decisions or both parents can make them together. Ultimately, you must do what is in the children's best interests if you want the court to approve the agreement that you and your ex come to during mediation.

3. Working it all out

The child custody mediation process is confidential. It is completely voluntary. When you and your ex opt to work things out using this method, you should prepare for the process. Make a list of the important things that you feel the agreement must include. Notate on this list which points are negotiable and which points aren't. Use your list as a guide as you go through the mediation so that you can stay on track.

As you are negotiating with your ex-husband, try to keep your emotions out of the process. This is difficult because your children are the subjects of the negotiations. It is crucial to focus on your list and think about how your decisions will impact your children.

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