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Former NFL player Meachem facing child support issues

Divorce can be difficult. Though many individuals hope that the proceedings will help close a chapter in their lives, there are often connections that result in divorced individuals having to remain in some semblance of contact with each other. In many cases, having children and owing child support leads to such continued contact. 

3 things mothers should know about custody mediation

Child custody proceedings are hard for mothers to deal with. These proceedings end with you having to abide by an order regarding how you raise your children. You and your ex-husband can work together through mediation to determine the terms that govern your child custody and visitation agreement. Understanding points about mediation and child custody can help you in this process.

Seek help with legal separation agreements

When a marriage is not working out and a couple is at their wits end, it is normal to contemplate divorce. This is a significant step, though, and not one that -- for many reasons -- some couples want to take right away. If you are looking for an alternative to divorce, legal separation may be right for you. A New York family law attorney will be able assist you through this process and help you create your separation agreement.

Failure to make child support payments lands dad in jail

When one is ordered to financially support his or her children, the state takes that order very seriously. Those who are found to be behind on child support payments may face a number of legal issues. This happens to be the case for one man in New York who was recently arrested for failing to provide the court-ordered support.

New York child custody: Modifying parenting plans

Parents in New York who are going through the divorce process will have to create parenting plans in order to ensure the best interests of their children are protected. These plans contain information about financial support, child custody, special needs and ground rules for communication -- among other things. After these detailed plans are created, can all or parts of them ever be adjusted?

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