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How technology can be used for visitation

After divorce or separation, if children are involved, keeping the parent-child bond strong can be a challenge, particularly for non-custodial parents. Thankfully, visitation schedules can be arranged to assist with this. However, sometimes, visitation time is still rather limited. Non-custodial parents in New York who would like a little more face time or contact with their children may be able to use technology to get the added time that they desire.

Virtual visitation is becoming a popular way for parents to stay in closer contact with their children. With virtual visitation, parents and children utilize electronic devices to keep in touch. This can be done via email, video calling, video mail, social media messaging and instant messaging -- among others.

Virtual visitation is by no means a replacement for physical time with one's children. However, if physical visitation is limited due to relocation or other reasons, it certainly is a wonderful supplement. Currently, New York does not have any laws regarding virtual visitation. It is something that courts have allowed, though, when it has been deemed appropriate.

Parents in New York who are divorcing or separating can seek to add virtual visitation schedules to their custody orders. The details of how often such contact is allowed and in what format can be included in a parental agreement. As this form of visitation is still considered relatively new, parents can seek the assistance of legal counsel to set up this type of arrangement and get answers to any other questions or concerns they may have regarding custody and visitation issues.

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