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December 2016 Archives

How technology can be used for visitation

After divorce or separation, if children are involved, keeping the parent-child bond strong can be a challenge, particularly for non-custodial parents. Thankfully, visitation schedules can be arranged to assist with this. However, sometimes, visitation time is still rather limited. Non-custodial parents in New York who would like a little more face time or contact with their children may be able to use technology to get the added time that they desire.

New York divorce: Joint pet custody

In New York and elsewhere, there are many married couples who are pet owners. In some cases, the pet may have belonged to one spouse before the marriage and, in others, the pet may have been acquired after the fact. Joint pet ownership can be a great thing; however, if a couple chooses to divorce, determining who gets to keep the animal can be problematic.

Failure to meet child support obligations could mean jail time

In New York and elsewhere, non-custodial parents who are ordered to financially support their children but fail to do so could face a number of serious consequences. Enforcement options vary, but the most extreme seems to be jail time. Meeting child support obligations is not optional. Those who do not pay may find themselves facing criminal charges.

Dealing with debt during a divorce can be a challenge

Numerous married couples in New York have shared debts. They simply accumulate over time in the form of joint credit cards, auto loans and mortgages -- to name a few. Unfortunately, when a couple chooses to divorce, this shared debt can be an issue. While a divorce settlement may name who is responsible to pay back the debt, creditors can still hold both parties responsible.

How long does one have to pay child support?

Most parents want to do right by their children. However, when a non-custodial parent is required to pay child support, he or she may want to know how long the obligation to pay will last. The truth is, every state has different views regarding child support. In New York, parents are responsible for their children's financial well-being until the children reach the age of 21.

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