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Get help with your divorce and alimony settlement

Numerous New York residents who are ending their marriages may be entitled to receive alimony. Achieving a fair divorce settlement that includes alimony can be challenging, as there are specific factors used to determine who is eligible for this benefit and how much they are able to receive. If you have questions or concerns about alimony -- also known as spousal support or maintenance -- an experienced family law attorney may be able to assist you.

When Is The Best Time To Get Divorced?

Many people take a long time to initiate a divorce, delaying the inevitable. People delay for a lot of reasons, but often it is simply because the timing feels wrong. Yes, divorce is an intensely emotional experience so it's not something we just do, shooting from the hip. But as a lot of folks know, divorce is also inconvenient--not just for the couple involved but for their friends and family, too.

New York asset division: How is property divided?

When it comes to dividing property during a divorce, every state has different laws regarding how it is to be done. Some states abide by community property laws, while others stick to equitable distribution laws. In New York, when figuring out asset division, property is subject to equitable division laws. This is meant to help each spouse walk away with a fair settlement.

Child custody often a fight, as seen in the Brad and Angie split

One's station in life does not prevent him or her from quickly passing over the hardships of divorce. This is especially true if children are involved. Whether one resides in New York or elsewhere, wealth or celebrity status does not make figuring out child custody any easier. This is something that can be seen in the widely publicized divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

When might a legal separation be better than divorce?

There are a lot of things to consider when trying to decide to end one's marriage. The divorce process is a tough one, and not something that should be rushed through. For some couples in New York, there may be reason to consider legal separation over filing for divorce.

Don't forget to change your will and beneficiaries after divorce

Divorce causes a seismic shift in one's life. In addition to all of the emotional upheaval, the process presents quite a few decisions that must be made regarding changes to one's will and other financial instruments that require a beneficiary. These administrative tasks may be placed on the back burner when dealing with the more contentious aspects of divorce, but when finalizing your divorce, it is important to address the necessary changes without delay. Standard divorce proceedings usually address financial matters such as separating bank accounts and credit cards; once you have finalized the separation of such accounts, there are still other steps to be taken.

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