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Marrying on Valentine's Day? Your chances of divorce are higher

From birthdays to holidays, certain dates on the calendar hold special meaning for most people in New York. Adding significance to these already important dates can seem like a worthwhile goal for couples who are about to tie the knot, but experts disagree. Getting married on already significant days can actually raise the risk of filing for divorce, which can cause those significant dates to take on an all-new kind of meaning.

Walking down the aisle on Valentine's Day or other holidays can increase the chance of divorce for up to 36 percent of couples who chose so-called gimmicky dates over those with little significance. Holidays are not the only dates that increase this risk. Choosing wedding dates with repeating numbers -- such as Dec. 12 2012 -- or that create sequences -- think Jan. 2, 2013 -- have the same impact.

So, how could the date of a marriage possibly predict the possibility of divorce? Rather than actually influencing the couple to divorce, the researchers who discovered the link say that the date a couple chooses to wed on is actually a reflection of the relationship. Couples who choose dates without any culture or holiday significance tend to be more focused on the compatibility and characteristics of their relationships than their peers who get married on special dates. These two groups also varied significantly regarding their ages and education.

Marrying on an already significant date does not necessarily destine a couple for divorce, but virtually all couples can still benefit from considering and preparing for the possibility. Prenuptial agreements are one of the most underutilized tools for soon-to-be married couples. By addressing assets and other terms in a thorough document, couples in New York can be sure that they will be protected should they one day decide to divorce.

Source: The Stir, "This Wedding Date Is More Likely to Lead to Divorce -- Here's Proof", Kiarra Sylvester, Sept. 30, 2016

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