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Couples who are certain that their marriages are over sometimes hesitate over a very important matter -- children. Most parents in New York are understandably concerned about how a divorce might impact their children's well-being, and understandably so. However, parents can ease these fears by making child custody matters one of the primary focuses of their divorce.

Custody matters tend to bring out more intense emotional responses than other areas of divorce. Parents do not always immediately agree upon what is in the best interests of their children, which can make creating a custody agreement difficult. Still, the majority of parents are able to ultimately set aside their own concerns in order to focus on their children outside of the courtroom through either mediated sessions or negotiation, although respective counsels typically still help guide the process.

Solving both complex and even seemingly simple custody issues outside of the courtroom requires a careful and guided approach. A parent that is agreeable one minute might unfortunately become combative and unreasonable in the next. Creating custody agreements based on a child's best interests might ideally be done outside of the courtroom, but it can, at times, require the intervention of a family law judge.

At the Law Offices of Eli Yeger, we take great pride in guiding our New York clients through the emotional process of creating the best possible child custody arrangement. Whether this means joint legal custody with both parents playing an active role in decision making or primary custody with visitation rights, the ultimate goal is perhaps the simplest -- the child's best interests. More information regarding child custody agreements, disputes and modifications can be found on our website.

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