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Can an ex parte divorce end a marriage to a missing spouse?

Marriages end for many reasons, and couples in New York have several options when the spouses decide to go their separate ways. A divorce can be full of contention and even involve bitter courtroom battles. It can also be amicable, with a settlement reached through communication and compromise. However, unusual circumstances sometimes lead to one spouse filing for divorce on his or her own when the other spouse's whereabouts are unknown and/or the spouse does not respond to the notice of a divorce filing.

Divorce or retirement? You don't have to choose

Marriages seem to be lasting long for Millennials, but there is one group calling it quits at a much larger rate than their younger peers -- the Baby Boomers. While divorce rates are falling for most people in New York, individuals who are at least 50 years old are filing at an increasingly high rate. This has a particularly significant effect on retirement for Boomers who are ready to end their marriages.

Don't leave child custody matters to chance -- we're here to help

Couples who are certain that their marriages are over sometimes hesitate over a very important matter -- children. Most parents in New York are understandably concerned about how a divorce might impact their children's well-being, and understandably so. However, parents can ease these fears by making child custody matters one of the primary focuses of their divorce.

Marrying on Valentine's Day? Your chances of divorce are higher

From birthdays to holidays, certain dates on the calendar hold special meaning for most people in New York. Adding significance to these already important dates can seem like a worthwhile goal for couples who are about to tie the knot, but experts disagree. Getting married on already significant days can actually raise the risk of filing for divorce, which can cause those significant dates to take on an all-new kind of meaning.

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